Getting started

The Public Mint Widget allows web dApps and apps to directly receive fiat funds.

The Public Mint Widget allows any dApp or web app to directly receive funds from the network. The Widget can be configured to allow the user to choose the destination address, or to direct funds at a specific address - such as that of a smart contract - with the option of specifying which address it is depositing on behalf of.

The widget can be used in two different ways:

  • Open Any dApp can embed our widget offering core payment methods such as wire, ACH and stablecoins. For processes that require KYC, the process is done within the widget.

  • Registered Partner Any dApp or app can register as a Partner, which allows it to pre-fill KYC data (when applicable) and also access riskier payment methods or higher limits.

It is very simple to embed the widget, with different options available according to the platform your dApp or web app is using.

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