Getting started

Start building your integration in minutes.

You can integrate with Public Mint via APIs only, directly on the blockchain, or across both domains. This guide takes you through all you need for a full integration, including onboarding, fiat transactions, and blockchain transactions.






User creation and authentication, identity creation, documents submission, KYC confirmation

Fiat transactions

API / Blockchain

Deposits and withdrawals to (and from) the blockchain.

Blockchain transactions


Wallet-to-wallet transfers, smart contract deployment, smart contract calls.

Venn diagram illustrating transaction types and where they touch/intersect: 1. Onboarding / 2. Fiat transactions / 3. Blockchain transactions

Integrating with the blockchain alone doesn't require any account. However, moving fiat funds on and off the blockchain is only possible with a verified account. We explain all you need to know to integrate with the blockchain in the blockchain integrations section.

Creating your API key

Developing your integration with Public Mint starts with creating your partner account and going through an onboarding process (either on your behalf or in that of your customers). The process begins with obtaining your first API key. To be eligible to use Public Mint's APIs you need to be a verified business partner. You can learn more about how to apply at the Partners section.

When your application is successful you'll receive a confirmation email giving you access to the Partners Portal, where you'll be able to generate, revoke and manage your API keys.

You'll need to pass on your API key in the request headers when making calls to Public Mint's endpoints to authenticate your requests and identify witch application/partner is using the APIs.

While we work on finalizing the Partner's Portal, please contact us directly to request early access to our API.

Public Mint API Environments

We currently have two environments you can access: production and sandbox. Their hostnames are as follows:

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