Authenticate your connection to access API resources

Public Mint uses an API gateway to authorize, authenticate and route requests to endpoints. All requests require an API key for authorization and authentication in the request header associated to the key apikey, like the example below demonstrates. The key serves to identify the app/partner behind the requests, and which resources they're permitted to access.

If you don't include your key, or use an invalid one, the request will return an error.

$ curl \
  -H "apikey:{YOUR_API_KEY}"

Authorization and authentication

Authorization to our public APIs requires a partner API key. To be eligible, you need to be a verified business partner. You can learn more about how to apply at the Partners section.

When your application is successful you'll receive a confirmation email giving you access to the Partners Portal (coming soon), where you'll be able to generate, revoke and manage your API keys.

While we work on finalizing the Partner's Portal, please contact us directly to request early access to our API.

You'll need to pass on your API key in the request headers when making calls to Public Mint's endpoints to authenticate your requests and identify witch application/partner is using the APIs.

API keys also serve to authenticate user sessions.

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