Users and Accounts

There are two broader categories of Public Mint user accounts. You can access main functionalities as either an individual user or as a commercial partner.

Transactions and processes that concern moving funds into or out of the blockchain (including ancillary ones like identity management and KYC/AML) can only be accessed with a Public Mint account, either as user or partner.

As an individual user, you can access the Wallet and use it to make deposits/withdraw funds from the network. The only requirement is to pass a KYC process, which is conducted right on the Public Mint platform. You can also use your account on the Widget to deposit funds to any dApp or service that integrates the Widget.

As a partner you can obtain and manage keys that give access to our public APIs, allowing you to build integrations between your platform and Public Mint. You'll also have access to the Partner's Portal where you can generate and manage API keys. Finally, depending on your business model, as a partner you can create and manage multiple sub-accounts on behalf of your customers.

Please contact us to find out how to become a partner.


Our public APIs give you access to all functionalities you need to build your integration, whatever your use case may be. We've put together a development quick start guide to get you up and running in no time.

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