Request a fiat deposit via API.

Now it's time to create your first deposit.

Step 1: Create a deposit

Start by creating a POST request to the /transactions endpoint, indicating the destination address on-chain and the the identity of the entity executing the deposit. This identity will be verified upon reception of funds, to ensure it matches the underlying bank transaction.

POST /transactions
  "amount": "10",
  "code": "deposit:wire:usd",
  "currency": "USD",
  "destinationAddress": "0x71c7656ec7ab88b098defb751b7401b5f6d8976f",
  "identityId": "e7941059-74c6-4b3f-b029-d3aa03d1ea44",
  "paymentMethod": "wire"

Step 2: Deposit fiat using provided reference

Using the transactionDetails returned by the service, simply transfer funds to the custodian's bank account. Bear in mind that wire transfers can take a few working days to clear through the traditional banking system.

Once the deposit is processed and confirmed, the update details will automatically be forwarded to Public Mint. This will programmatically trigger the minting of tokenized fiat and send the funds to the recipient user's wallet address on the Public Mint blockchain.

Congratulations! Your fiat is now available for you to transact all across the blockchain!

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