Deposit of funds

As a dApp or web app that wants to integrate the Public Mint Widget to enable your users to make deposit of funds to a given address (yours or theirs), you can easily embed the widget onto your application with a simple javascript code.

Public Mint's Widget is made available through a SDK that needs to be included on your application.


Initialise the SDK by creating an instance of the PmintWidgetSdk class:

import PmintWidgetSdk from '@publicmint/widget-sdk';

const pmint = new PmintWidgetSdk();

Deposit widget

To show the deposit widget, call the renderAddFunds method. This method returns a promise that resolves with either completed or canceled.

const status = await pmint.renderAddFunds({
  blockchain: 'publicmint',
  destinationAddress: address,
  locale: 'en'

The renderAddFunds method requires that you pass the information necessary for the widget to know what to show the user:

  • blockchain - the target blockchain for the funds. At this stage only we only support publicmint as the target blockchain.

  • destinationAddress - the address to where the funds will be deposited. This address can be yours (ex: a liquidity pool) or your customer's address.

  • locale - The localization to be used by the widget.


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